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Seminar: Learning Models from Data

Winter 17/18

Prof. Dr. Oliver Junge


MI 02.10.011


Subject Speaker Date
1. Introduction reading by all before 26.10.17
2. Time-invariant linear systems Wu, Yihan 26.10.17
3. Simulation, prediction and control Miao, Xinyue Zacharis, Konstantinos  09.11.17
4. Models of linear time-invariant systems Zhang, Yuchang reading by all 07.12.17
5. Models for time-varying and nonlinear systems Hofherr , Florian 14.12.17
6. Nonparametric time- and frequency-domain methods reading by all 11.01.18
7. Parameter estimation methods Ludwig, Christoph 18.01.18
8. Convergence and Consistency Sinzger, Mark 25.01.18 
Lennart Ljung: Recursive Identification Algorithms Vanhoefer, Jakob 01.02.18