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Seminar: Gitterfreie Methoden

SS 15, Prof. Oliver Junge

Meshfree methods are a comparatively new approach for the (numerical) interpolation or approximation of some unknown function. In contrast to more traditional techniques - like finite differences, finite elements, spectral methods or wavelets - they do not require a mesh of the underlying computational domain (where the unknown function lives) to be generated first. These methods are very flexible with respect to the geometry of the domain, work in higher space dimensions and their basic implementation is strikingly simple.


Do 14-16, MI 02.08.011

Datum Vortragender Thema
28.05.15 Kohl, Andreas R. Schaback, H. Wendland : Adaptive greedy techniques for approximate solution of large RBF systems
11.06.15 Merchel, Sandra H. Wendland: Multiscale analysis in Sobolev spaces on bounded domains
18.06.15 Rohm, Florian R. Schaback: The meshless kernel-based method of lines for parabolic equations
25.06.15 Ippisch, Josef N.D. Monniga, B. Fornberga, F.G. Meyer: Inverting Non-Linear Dimensionality Reduction with Scale-Free Radial Basis Interpolation