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Schütze, O.; Vasile, M.; Junge, O.; Dellnitz, M.; Izzo, D.:
Designing Optimal Low Thrust Gravity Assist Trajectories Using Space Pruning and a Multi-Objective Approach,
Engineering Optimization, 41 (2):155-181, 2009.

In this work we address a multi-objective problem of finding optimal low thrust gravity assist trajectories for interplanetary and orbital transfers. For this, we use recently developed pruning techniques for incremental search space reduction – which we will extend for the current situation – in combination with subdivision techniques for the approximation of the Pareto sets. These techniques are particularly promising for the numerical treatment of these multi-objective design problems since they are characterised (amongst others) by highly disconnected feasible domains, which can easily be handled by these set oriented methods. We analyse the complexity of the novel pruning techniques, and finally demonstrate the usefulness of our approach by showing some numerical results on two realistic cases.

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