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note: all the software of M3 can be found here

Software written by Folkmar Bornemann

software downloadable free of charge (with registration)

Fast Eikonal Solver in 2D (with MATLAB interface)

Fast Eikonal Solver is an implementation in C of the fast marching algorithm for the eikonal equation in 2D with variable coefficients; a MATLAB interface is supplied.

Simulator of a quantum computer in MATLAB

QC simulator is a package of MATLAB files to simulate a quantum computer with up to 27 qubits.

Copyright Notice

This software is provided for non-commercial use only. See the license conditions and the warranty conditions.

Copyright © Folkmar Bornemann


The use of the code is hereby granted free of charge for an unlimited time, provided the following rules are accepted and applied:
  1. You may use or modify this code for your own non commercial and non violent purposes.
  2. The code may not be re-distributed without the consent of the authors.
  3. The copyright notice and statement of authorship must appear in all copies.
  4. You accept the warranty conditions (see file WARRANTY).
  5. In case you intend to use the code commercially, we oblige you to sign an according licence agreement with the authors.


This code has been tested up to a certain level. Defects and weaknesses, which may be included in the code, do not establish any warranties by the authors.

The authors do not make any warranty, express or implied, or assume any liability or responsibility for the use, acquisition or application of this software.