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Publications of Folkmar Bornemann

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Book reviews

  1. Modern Aspects of Random Matrix Theory (V. Vu ed.), SIAM Rev. 57, pp. 632-634 (2015).
  2. The Computer as Crucible: An Introduction to Experimental Mathematics (J. Borwein, K. Devlin), Math. Semesterber. 57, pp. 139–142 (2010).

Papers for a general audience

  1. (with S. Wagon) A perplexing polynomial puzzle, revisited. College Math. J. 36, p. 288 (2005).
  2. (with G. Ziegler) Die Beweise des Sommers. Mitteilungen der DMV 12, pp. 181-183 (2004).
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    • Reprinted in Mathematics Newsletter of the Ramanujan Mathematical Society 13, No. 1&2, pp. 1-10 (2003).
    • German original: PRIMES is in P: Ein Durchbruch für "Jedermann". Mitteilungen der DMV 4-2002, pp. 14-21 (2002). MR 2003m:68004.
    • Abridged German version: PRIMES is in P: Ein Durchbruch für "Jedermann". Computeralgebra-Rundbrief 32, pp. 6-14 (2003).
    • Reprint of German original in: E. Behrends, P. Gritzmann, G. M. Ziegler (Eds.), Pi und Co., Kaleidoskop der Mathematik Pfeil, pp. 55-62 (2008).
    • French translation: PRIMES is in P, une avancée accessible à «l'homme ordinaire». Gazette des Mathématiciens 98 Pfeil, pp. 14-29 (2003). Translation by Colette Anné. Zbl. 1067.11079.

Unpublished Notes & Papers

  1. On Hathaway's circular pursuit problem, (April 2011).
  2. On Bellman's linear search problem, (March 2010).
  3. (with W. Boiger) Local Morphological Schemes for the Affine Morphological Scale Space. Preprint, 17pp, Technische Universität München (March 2006).
  4. An Experimental Approach to the Singular Modulus k100, (March 2005).
  5. How Mathematica and Maple Get Meijer's G-function into Definite Integrals, (February 2005).
  6. Solution of a Problem Posed by Jörg Waldvogel, (July 2003).
  7. Short Remarks on the Solution of the SIAM 100-digit Challenge, (May 2002).
  8. Zur Eindeutigkeit der Viskositätslösungen beim Cauchy-Problem von Hamilton-Jacobi Gleichungen, (October 2000).
  9. Homogenization in Time II: Mechanical Systems Subject to Friction and Gyroscopic Forces. SC-97-65 Pfeil, Konrad-Zuse-Zentrum Berlin (1997).
  10. A Note on the Adiabatic Theorem of Quantum Mechanics, (August 1997).
  11. On Microlocal Obstructions to the Compactness of Sequences, (September 1996).
  12. (with C. Schütte) A Mathematical Approach to Smoothed Molecular Dynamics: Correcting Potentials for Freezing Bond Angles. SC 95-30 Pfeil, Konrad-Zuse-Zentrum Berlin (1995).
  13. On the Convergence of Cascadic Iterations for Elliptic Problems. SC 94-08 Pfeil, Konrad-Zuse-Zentrum Berlin (1994).
  14. Die Maximalwinkelbedingung für Finite Elemente, (December 1993).
  15. A Sharpened Condition Number Estimate for the BPX Preconditioner of Elliptic Finite Element Problems on Highly Nonuniform Triangulations. SC 91-09 Pfeil, Konrad-Zuse-Zentrum Berlin (1991).
  16. (with B. Erdmann, R. Roitzsch) KASKADE: Numerical Experiments. TR 91-01 Pfeil, Konrad-Zuse-Zentrum Berlin (1991).

Unpublished Lecture Notes

  1. Quantenrechnen (Quantum Computation) Pfeil, Technische Universität München (2003).


  1. Homogenization in Time of Singularly Perturbed Conservative Mechanical Systems. Habilitationsschrift, Freie Universität Berlin, VI+150pp; revised and enlarged version published as the Springer Lecture Notes in Mathematics #1687.
  2. An Adaptive Multilevel Approach for Parabolic Equations in Two Space Dimensions. Dissertation, Freie Universität Berlin, 136pp; published as TR 91-07 Pfeil, Konrad-Zuse-Zentrum Berlin (1991).
  3. Adaptive Multilevel Discretization in Time and Space for Parabolic Partial Differential Equations. Diplomarbeit, Freie Universität Berlin, 75pp; published as TR 89-07 Pfeil, Konrad-Zuse-Zentrum Berlin (1989).

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